Home Care Software Designed and Built for the UK Home Care Sector


"For Home Care Service Providers who strive to be outstanding"

DomCare20:20 provides the most flexible, fully integrated suite of software modules to run all aspects of domiciliary care provision in the UK

Outstanding Care Starts Here!

100's of active care providers

DomCare20:20 is our home care software solution designed and built for Home Care Service Providers who strive to be outstanding.

Our domiciliary care software will help you with:

  • The management and retention of carer teams

  • Ongoing care plan reviews and improvements

  • Flagging issues and trends before they become a problem

  • Your Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections and status

Carebeans created DomCare20:20 because we believe that great technology can facilitate a progressive transformation in the care outcomes we wish to achieve for everyone.

Using our software means you are without the burden of hard to use, disconnected tools and manual processes that have been the norm for the vast majority of service provider’s business operations.




 Domiciliary Care Scheduling

Care Beans have developed the most versatile domiciliary care visit scheduling system on the market.


Drag and drop moves and changes replicated to all carers’ mobile devices automatically.


Saves hours of administration time whilst being the easiest scheduling system to use on the market today.

CQC Compliant Care Planning

Comprehensive care planning, in line with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Key Lines of Enquiry enables you to produce exceptional person centred plans. 


Using our unique and customisable care plan pre-fill functionality, you can create consistent and high quality care plans quickly and easily.

Home Care Social Interaction

One of the most important things for anyone receiving care at home is to remain close to their family and loved ones - and the family want to be in touch with their relatives care. 


Our unique interactive portal brings Home Care Social Interaction to life.

Home Carer Secure System Access

Carers access everything they need from their secure mobile app.


This is a simple yet comprehensive application that will ensure the carer has all the details they need to do their job, whilst providing detailed activity recording to evidence a safe, well led, caring, responsive and effective service.



Carebeans is a contemporary, innovative software development company based in the UK. We build highly focused business planning and management software and mobile applications for the UK care sector.

The Carebeans team, and contributors to the development of DomCare20:20, have many years of hands on experience of giving, receiving and managing in the care sector. This has enabled us to engineer a state of the art, flexible platform that will facilitate your path to being outstanding service providers in domiciliary care.


We do this because we want to be the custodians of wonderful technology that will help us and our loved ones have a better quality of life when the time comes that help is required.

Carebeans has 100's of very happy customers in the care sector and is proud to offer DomCare20:20 to ambitious domiciliary care service providers in the UK.